Hair Weaving/ Closures

Hair Extensions

Custom Wig Making & Non Surgical Hair Replacement

The Perfect Weave

Laying the perfect foundation

Multiple Braiding Patterns


Full and partial (with net, without net) Lace and Silk Base Closure


The tornado closure- Hand closing the weave flat and smooth


• How to lay multiple Braiding Patterns (side and middle part)

•• Proper sectioning of natural hair for weaving application

· How to properly install a 360 closure



Sewn In Weaves

Lace and Silk Base Closures

Vixen Weaves

Braid-less Sewn IN Weave (1hr weave)

Latest hair extensions techniques and tricks

• Application techniques for highlights & lowlights

• Adding volume for a better overall look

• A micro graft technique to fill in thin hair areas

• How to accurately determine the number of strands for best results

• Proper sectioning of natural hair for extension application

· Cutting and styling with hair extensions


Micro Loop

Tape In

Fusion (invisible strand)

Braid-less Sewn IN Weave (1hr weave)

Clip ins custom

The Art of Wig making

Creating a mold

Taking accurate Measurements

Creating a system

Designing using proper specifications, bases and dimensions

You will learn how the units are designed from start to finish. You will learn how to properly attach and remove, shampoo and maintain a full unit and partial graft.

Multiple bonding techniques


* How to process Insurance Claims

* How to create Contractual agreements and payment plans

* How to provide customers with no credit check financing




Advanced Braiding and Natural Hair Techniques





Master Business Classes

Advanced Coloring and Cutting Techniques



Basic Braiding Skills –


Feeder cornrows

French Braid / Inverted

Fish Scales

Basic plaiting

Hair Types, Structure and Textural Difference/ Fundamentals of Natural Hair Care.

The composition and structure of hair.


Shampooing, Conditioning transitioning, Healthy Hair Care Formulas and

Mixtures, Natural Hair Styling


Senegalese Twist/

Box Braids/

Marley Twist


Starting your locs

Loc maintenance/Faux Loc extensions Natural twist,

Bantu Knots

Stylists will have a thorough understanding of were their business is today and a step by step process of how to take their business to the next level. These courses are designed to give you a blueprint of how to market, brand, manage and operate your business in the new millennium. Watch as Marcella reveals all of her secrets from getting media coverage, finding investors, marketing tricks, to boosting your business in 24 hours, and so much more. Marcella will cover topics that include:

* Business Development, Marketing and Management

* Customer Relations

* Establishing a Brand/ Public Relations and the Media Press

* Marketing using social networking, Internet Marketing, Print and Media Marketing, Email Marketing

* Marketing on a small budget. How to make something out of nothing

* How to quickly turn investment into profit

* Advertising effectively on a small to medium budget

* Employee Management- Customer Service Skills

* Web site development overview

* How modern technology can grow your business

* Financing Your Business

* Accounting and Record Keeping




Cutting and styling with hair extensions



Razor Cutting


Hair Coloring- Highlights/ Low lights


Custom Colors Jewel Toned


Rainbow Hues


And so much more!